A little bit about Joey Clavette

Joey has been tutoring and English coaching since June 2019. He has a background in Philosophy with a degree from uOttawa, and he has worked as a journalist and editor for over three years. He also taught middle school for a year. He likes music, poetry, history and art.

My Language Learning Philosophy:

Every language learner has unique needs. Some people will have more difficulty pronouncing certain sounds than others, some will struggle with grammar, and some will lack certain areas of vocabulary. That’s why I don’t use a set program but adapt my lessons to you! Students should focus on being easily understood, so I help students practice pronunciation and, I coach them through fluency exercises. All the while, I like to keep a light tone so that we’re having fun and enjoying learning a language so that students stay motivated.


Half hour lesson and consultation
Hourly rate for regular lessons

If the time you need is not currently available contact Joey by phone or email to see if it can work: 519-987-3107/joey.clavette@gmail.com

Lessons are regularly $22/h and, you can schedule lessons up to four hours or as short as half an hour. Half-hour lessons are a higher rate than other lessons and, the rate lowers to $20/h for lessons scheduled over 2 hours.


Save $2/h on lessons over 2 hours

Bring up to two friends onto the call for no extra charge

Refer a friend and get 2 hours of free lessons

What Students are saying

“Joey has been tutoring me in English as a second language since June 2019. We developed learning plans for improving my communication skills and both academic and creative writing. He is enthusiastic and patient. He understands my needs and gives constructive feedback. He helped me pronounce words that I had difficulty with using a range of methods such as voice recording and repetition. He also brings in his expertise in journalism to help me write clearly and concisely. With his help, I am now more confident in speaking up and understanding people in English.”

Yulun Wu from Hunan, China
Native Language: Xiang

“As an English student of Joey, I can say that I learn not only a language but also a lot of history, philosophy, literature and more. The way he teaches is very effective and practical at the same time. I am happy to be learning from him. I believe you will find him to be a great English teacher.”

Henry Jeung from South Korea
Native Language: Korean

“I like the session where we watch videos and, then I describe it. I learned a lot from this. Joey has good patience to teach.”

Mike Yang from Hong Kong
Native Language: Cantonese

“I got a good experience with my young teacher, Joey, who I learned a lot about grammar, reading, and writing from.  Also, Joey has a good attitude which attracted me to love my learning.  Anyone who is able to work with him will enjoy the same fruit that I have enjoyed during my lessons with him.”

Deng Rehan from South Sudan
Native Language: Dinka

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